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Regulatory LI Compliance

Real-time itinerant tactical probes

Targeted Multimedia Filtering

Legal | Chain of Evidence

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Law Enforcement Equipment

Subpico Machine Learning Appliances

Why Machine Learning? - ML provides the weighting needed for real-time predictions on what the target is doing and what resources we need to handle it based on current and past behavior. Static code won't cut it anymore, but with ML we can easily filter dynamic noise that can overwhelm IAP probes, adjust media and delivery etc. All our units run in unsupervised ML mode.

Subpico ML appliances are field proven, set-and-forget units. Purpose built with machine learning technology, they are ready for any network and target. Our ML code covers a broad range of HI1 Target-IDs and is low touch to meet your HI2/3 regulatory requirements - operational readiness, chain-of-evidence and end-to-end compliance.

In-house Development

If you have the coding resources and expertise in-house, all you need are live datasets to get you up and running. As you run your engine, adjust the base fields, not for filtering targets but for the AI/ML model you are using, 'random forest' is an excellent choice for LI and Carrier environments and practical for unsupervised learning engine designs.


Just include datasets sync'd to csv file (sec/min/hr resolutions) or include AI/ML headers - Libs/APIs are C/ASM.

We have optimized pre-configured ML units (starting at 1500 USD 2xGE, 1xVGA/KB) you can purchase to get operational in no time 'easy-as'.


Check out data samples here from our global network:

Networking datasets available for Machine Learning and Data Science.

Need help? We're here to help you make the world a safer place. Bespoke in-situ ML field work